Success Stories

Tunisia High school




A French state-owned agency based in Tunisia selected our system to alert staffs and students of a High school, after the terrorist’s attacks in Paris.


The demand: create a system to alert more than 2 000 students coming from various nationalities and the staff in all the perimeter of the High shcool

The solution:  5 high levels audible sirens T130 to customize the alert by areas, diffuse sounds and voice messages and warn over distances up to 250 meters


Today, their system is composed of 5 AE&T’s sirens T130 to alert students and staffs. 

Export: Warning & evacuation plan in Cameroun

Extension et sécurisation d'une solution POI pour un leader mondial de l’industrie des câbles et systèmes d’énergie et de télécommunications par AE&TAE&T, fabricant de solutions de sécurité, a proposé d’installer 4 sirènes de 130 dB T130 et 2 sirènes de 123 dB T123 pour le POI













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A customized warning solution for residents of Cameroon’s Lom Pangar dam


The demand: Lom Pangar dam is a large storage containing 6 milliards of m3 in an area of 590 km². The specifications published on July 24th 2015, asked for a powerful and mobile system of warning to alert all the local residents within the area.


The solution: A customized solution from our R&D department was developed: several clusters of 3 sirens of 130 dB on a 2 meters (6.56 feet / 2.19 yards) pole with a 12V/230V converter, for powerful multidirectional warns. Also some clusters were installed on pickups and trucks powered by the vehicle battery, and on boats powered by generators.


12 mobile unities, 36 T130 power sirens were delivered within 4 weeks, for an investment of 64 000€.

Extension and reliability improvement of the company warning system inside the buildings


Extension et sécurisation d'une solution POI pour un leader mondial de l’industrie des câbles et systèmes d’énergie et de télécommunications par AE&T

AE&T, fabricant de solutions de sécurité, a proposé d’installer 4 sirènes de 130 dB T130 et 2 sirènes de 123 dB T123 pour le POI


 A world cable manufacturer leader has contacted AE&T to expand and to ensure the reliability of its warning system in Gron (Yonne – France)


The demand: due to the expansion of the company, there were new buildings to secure and the new system has to operate with the old one. They asked us to develop a customized system to diffuse sounds and voice messages with the possibility to be aware of the operational state of the equipment in real-time. The warning has to be heard in 5 buildings and to operate during a power failure.


The solution: We installed 6 new sirens, 4 T130 (130dB) and 2 T123 (123dB), which warn over a distance up to 250 m (820,21 ft, 273,40 yds) and 150 m (492,13 ft, 164,04 yds), plus 2 power supplies ASC2 still operating even during power failure.


All the warning system is now working as a network, it is secure and reliable.

Ex Beacons to warn and protect employees in the TORAY industry based in France


Usine chimiqueFeu flash ATEX




SOBEGI asked us to secure a TORAY’s new production line, at Lacq (Pyrénées Atlantiques, France)

The demand: A warning system for a new ATEX zone in case of incident. SOBEGI asked for the same beacons indoors and outdoors.


The solution: the flameproof BExBG15 xenon beacons are suitable for Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22 applications. This beacon has effective intensity 444 candelas (red optical), Xenon tubes mechanically secured against shock & vibration, with a very large termination area (360°) and very low electricity consumption.

This BExBG15 15 Joule beacon is ideal for general signaling duties whilst their robust construction makes installation in the harshest environments possible.


SOBEGI bought and installed 46 Ex beacons for TORAY in the new production line. 

To update their old site-wide emergency communications and mass notifications systems installed in 1992, “Communauté de Communes de Caux” - public site - has selected AE&T



Sirènes de forte puissance T145 AE&T pour PPI et POISirènes de forte puissance T145 AE&T pour PPI et POI



The demand:  Evolution of national safety laws and failures in the actual site-wide emergency communications


The solution: Our R&D department has developed integrated wired & wireless IP-based solutions for site-wide emergency communications and for mass notification including 9 poles equipped of 196 high power electronic sirens (ref. T145).

The strong values added of the sirens necessitated less electric power, the emergency communications still operate even during 72 hours power failure, and only 9 poles instead of 10 were needed on a wider protected area.

The secure and redundant systems developed by AE&T permit evacuation of large industrial sites, even when an explosion or an industrial accident render most communication tools on the site ineffective.

This represents the achievement of a wide project during a year thanks to 6 months of buildings and 6 months of expansion of the system.


Some figures: 9 drills programs were completed, 125 m3 poured concrete, 120 m dug trenches and 4 km electricity cables.


9 poles of 196 high power electronic sirens were installed to evacuate 9 cities, and over 25 000 local residents in an area of 28km², for an overall investment of 860 000€. 

Warning system close to a dam


Une solution de sécurité pour un PPI près d'un barrage




Une solution de sécurité pour un PPI près d'un barrage


Sysoco, a French system integrator of digital radio, contacted AE&T to develop a warning solution for local residents next to the dam “Pont Du Roi” (France) built in 1959 with a capacity of 4 million m3.


The demand: To warn the population of 6 towns in case of dam failure and major incidents.


The solution: As this area is subjected to flood, our R&D department developed a customized solution, very efficient and safe, which is independent of the electricity produced by the dam. Moreover this solution is secured by its own battery. The system is controlled by a remote panel named AP8 which have an integrated wired and wireless IP-based solution.

4 sirens with 6 horns and 3 sirens with 4 horns were installed in order to broadcast 2 pre-recorded voice messages and 3 different sounds.  

This solution has a simplified maintenance due to malfunctions and diagnostics rebounding on the control panel and control computer.


7 high power electronic sirens T145 were installed permitting to initiate warning sounds and vocal messages.

Foam guards acting as shock absorbers installed in an e-commerce warehouse to protect employees

   Amortisseurs de chocs dans un entrepôt      



Thanks to a partner, an international e-commerce company’s warehouse was entirely equipped with AMORTIFLEX®, AE&T’s foam guards acting as shock absorbers.

The demand: Employees get hurt on shelves when they prepare the different orders. They need to be protected.

The solution:  AMORTIFLEX® provides protection from corners, sharp edges, metal profiles and pipes. They provide optimum visibility because of their bright yellow and black colors and it is extremely resistant to low and high temperatures (-70°C/150°C) without product changes (alteration).

After tests, 300 AMORTIFLEX® A109 equipped the entire warehouse.