Who we are

We are a team of 35 people, split into 8 services.
Customer satisfaction is our priority.

The President and the General Manager guarantees and respects the priorities of the company: quality products, competitive prices, effective organization and impeccable customer service
The Sales Department has 9 salespeople, 1 Sales Manager and 1 Sales Director. We have the necessary skills to answer queries on pricing, delivery terms as well as any technical questions about our products. We are here to advise and assist you in your projects.
    The Export Department monitors and processes all export enquiries and work commercially with key partners in the concerned countries.
The Marketing Department consists of 3 Product Managers and 1 Marketing Manager. We anticipate customer needs and offer new innovative products in accordance with market expectations. We keep a regulatory watch for any new advancement in safety and keep you informed of the developments.
The Business Studies Office is composed of 1 Business Manager, 1 technician, and 1 Business Engineer, whose priority is to define and implement “turnkey” systems. We work side by side with our installation partners to provide the necessary technical support.
The Engineering and Design Department has 4 Product Development Engineers and 1 Technical Director, who develop new products and custom build solutions stemming from personalised requests for specific applications.
The Purchasing Department is composed of 1 Buyer and 1 Supplier. We are in charge of maintaining competitive prices and the necessary stock to facilitate the delivery process.
The Forwarding Department and After Sales Department has stock controllers and service technicians. We manage product orders, expedite the delivery process and responsible for after sales service.
    The Administrative and Financial Department consists of 6 people including:
  - E. D. P.
  - Quality Department
  - Sales Administration
  - Accounting and financial Department
We administer and manage client accounts (orders, deliveries, invoices) and guarantee quality service every step of the way.