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Open House

Opération Ouvre Boîte

For the week of Industry, the Béarnaises companies open their doors.

All the present sectors on the territory, the tourism to the chemistry, by way of the printing office and the sport, mobilized to present their know-how. AE&T participates in this event and welcomes visitors throughout the week.


During an interview with the newspaper Sud-Ouest, Denis Porteu, General Manager AE&T, shared his motivations for this operation.


Sud-Ouest Newspaper: Which is your activity?
Denis Porteu: AE&T is a medium sized company of 46 persons, specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative safety products to mainly industries. Our customers are mainly French industries. We have a second activity which is the manufacture of flashes for prestigious monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Dokaae Tower of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. This is more an export-oriented activity and it represents 10% of our global activity.

JSO: Why do you open your enterprise’s door to the public during the week of the industry?
DP: The aim of this action is not to find new customers. But, it is important to let know to the large public that we design innovative products, which are then manufactured by subcontractors from the South-West.

JSO: Why is it important to introduce the industrial sector to your visitors?
DP: In France there is an industry that can be profitable and we can still find work in this sector. We wish to give a testimony through this action.
We only heard about the crisis, and even the industry market is decreasing, we can still manufacture products of quality and innovative in the electronics field on our territory.

It’s a matter of choices.
In the South-West we have a valuable industrial resource that needs to be preserved.